War on Poverty?

I was surfing through the basic channels on T.V and notice C-SPan was hosting a forum on the war on poverty? What war and who is actually fighting? I can not help myself from thinking , there is little fighting in this lifestyle-so-called war .
Unless a collective effort is join as a community , all the way to Congress back to to the Mayors of each city in U.S, there will be no white flags of surrender of change. I can look and see single mothers working two jobs, to put food on the table and other basic needs.
I know from experience, raising minimum wages can combat and enforce Moms with enough ammunition to spend more time at home and leisure time to raise a more productive citizen, who could not benefit from this effort.
I notice Dads who are not in the home can reach out even from the jail cells to send wages from work release to the state to aid in child support .
The Mayors and the city officials can use tax revenues to bring summer jobs back to the neighborhood in the libraries and offices to help teens earn money , putting the malls back in business to hire college students for summer.
I can only write about it , President , Governors and other concern citizen can you also use the nice pens and bills to create an avalanche on decrease poverty?