Warning: Michelle Obama's Curvy Shoulders Ahead

By Claudine Zap.

Summer vacation seems to be a particularly risky, or should I say, risque time in terms of fashion for the first lady.

Last summer Michelle Obama wore shorts at the Grand Canyon -- paring her bare legs with sneakers. This summer, FLOTUS is showing shoulder in Spain. On a private trip with her daughter, Michelle Obama was spotted sporting a one-shoulder Gaultier top. And let the ire begin.

The vacation, a quick couple days in a lavish Spanish setting, had already set off critics. Her Euro-galavanting led to comparisons to Marie Antoinette -- and not in a good way. (Last year, at least, Michelle Obama's hiking shorts no-no was displayed locally at an American landmark.)

But the issue again seems to be the traditional box the public likes for its public women.As Kate Betts wrote in a post for The Daily Beast, "The public wants their first lady to look good, but not too good."

Would it have been better or worse had she not pulled off the showy top? Does Mrs. Obama appear, well, too darned optimistic during a dour time? The bold black and white look does appear to be recession proof. Just not critic-proof.