WATCH: 5 fabulous flash mobs (one's a wedding!)

By Lylah M. Alphonse, Shine Staff

It starts with a single guy wearing a vaguely Michael Jackson-like outfit, strutting along to "Beat It." Slowly, most of the onlookers join in-and the few that haven't suddenly notice that they're caught in the middle of a flash mob.

The people of Seattle remind you to always carry an umbrella. And maybe bring enough for a crowd. (Keep an eye out for the adorable little dancer in the pink jacket.)

Shoppers in Cape Cod got more than just groceries last week: an impromptu parade was on special. Forget cleanup-flash mob in aisle four?

Times Square in New York City seems like the perfect place for a massive street performance, doesn't it? Percussionists playing garbage cans and paint buckets rallied the crowd before some really talented dancers took center stage-or, rather, sidewalk.

This one, at the always-crowded Prudential Center shopping mall in downtown Boston, may be our favorite. One guy playing keyboard. A few people singing. People of all ages dancing. And a couple getting married in the midst of it all.

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