Wedding Budget Do's and Don'ts

Tara Donne/BRIDESTara Donne/BRIDESBy BRIDES Magazine

BRIDES is here to help you get more bang for your hard-earned buck. Take a look at our list of seven essential do's and don'ts for considering flowers and decorations for your wedding day.

DO reuse the bridesmaid's bouquets at the reception-they can be slipped into vases to decorate the escort-card table and the entrance.

DON'T limit yourself to classic floral arrangements for the centerpieces. A glass bowl filled with water, rose petals, and floating candles is a luminous, low-cost alternative.

DO take advantage of seasonal sales to buy items like candles.

DON'T order out-of-season flowers that need to be flown in, since that will most likely incur big shipping costs.

DO weave herbs and branches into arrangements-you'll need fewer flowers that way.

DON'T spend money decorating reception areas that won't be heavily trafficked, such as staircases and hallways. Put your money where guests will see it: the entrance, the dining tables, and the bar.

use masses of candles bought in bulk.

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