What are you most grateful for this season?

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting a little sick of retailers using the shoddy state of the economy to well, sell us stuff. Every press release I've received for the past few weeks has started out by saying things like, "You may not have much money, but here's one item that every recessionista needs," and blah, blah, blah. How about this year we consider the um, true reason for the season or whatever? This is the time to bust out those "Good for 5 hugs" coupons we made when we were kids.

I got lucky this year: My partner and I have our gift to each other bought and paid for. Months and months ago, we decided to go on a vacation with our family and we're so excited. Maybe if we were more flush with cash we would also have considered exchanging presents once we got there, but now it feels more important to save that dinero. Besides, not to get too cheesy here but what more could we ask for than the joys and blessings of being together with the people we love the most?

Through the years, I've dated some really good dudes, some not so much dudes, and plenty in between. But the guy I'm with now not only feels like the best of the best, I think he's also the perfect match for me. I'm grateful for his patience, intuition, sensitivity, keen intelligence, kindness, wicked sense of humor and yes, even his good looks, among other traits. And while I also deeply appreciate every single special gift he's ever bestowed upon me, this year (and really, every year), love is more than enough.

How about you? Are you lucky enough to have a wonderful partner or loving friends and family? What's so special about them? Will you handle gift-giving differently this year?

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