What City Suits You?

Every city has its own character, and every astrological sign has their own particular needs. Why do some people love New York City, while others can't imagine living there? Finding a city is like falling love, and your Sun sign has a lot to do with which cities you're drawn to. Where should you live?

ARIES Action-loving Aries needs to be on the go, which why New York City feels like their very own Big Apple. As soon as the Ram hits the pavement in the city that never sleeps, they know they've found just the place for them. But Aries should be sure to spend a weekend away from the city once in a while to counter all that activity with some slow, quiet energy.

TAURUS Taurus loves Madison, Wisconsin. The Bull is happy as can be in the heartland, and loves to be able to get to their favorite organic store, their yoga studio and their office with just a few, short drives. Taurus loves the steady pace and great food in a place like this, where they won't get bored, but they won't be drained either.

GEMINI Gemini is torn: Chicago or a teeny tiny town in the mountains? Brooklyn or Santa Cruz? Paris or Peoria? The Twins will likely end up living in all of these places, and after they've tried everything, they still won't be able to decide where they want to live. In the end, they may settle down in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

CANCER Cancer likes to be near the water, and they want action, but they don't want too much noise, dirt or grime. Beauty, natural and urban, is also important to the sensitive Crab. Smaller cities, located near oceans, with ready access to nature -- Seattle, San Francisco, either of the Portlands -- are best for Crabs.

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LEO Leo needs a big audience for their many exploits, and Los Angeles is just the city for them. When they get to L.A., The Lion can put on their bathing suit, shake out their mane and start living. There's nothing like the city of angels -- with its fascination for people-watching, movie stars, and star-struck masses -- to make Leo feel at home.

VIRGO Virgo likes Austin, and Boulder suits them as well. The Virgin feels best in an urban environment, but must be close to a wide open landscape. They want to be able to get out and garden, hike and be in nature whenever they feel like it. They love to be near the mystical forces of the earth, and to feel that solid ground under their feet.

LIBRA Libra is always concerned with justice, so Washington, D.C., home of the Supreme Court, is a natural place for them. The Scales like D.C.'s balance of different kinds of people, the city's international mix, and multitude of opportunities for discussing different opinions. In fact, any of the world's capital cities are good places for dynamic, fair-minded Libra.

SCORPIO Scorpio loves drama, and any city they live in had better have it. The Scorpion needs an active night life and jaw-dropping scenery. And, of course, they need to be near the water. Whether it's Chicago's packed skyscrapers, Lake Michigan, or the Manhattan skyline over the Hudson, Scorpio will sleep happy in a city with lots of visual excitement.

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SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius can live in just about any city -- Moscow, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Beijing -- as long as it's exotic and they know they won't be there forever. The Archer is happiest when they have to go grocery shopping and speak in a language they haven't quite mastered yet. That said, travel-loving Sag wouldn't want to stay in any one place forever.

CAPRICORN Capricorn likes a thoroughly modern city, where everything works and the buildings inspire them with their upright, forward-thinking lines. That's why some place like Houston, Texas, is great for the Goat, who also appreciates the sight of man triumphing over, say, Mother Nature's heat and humidity.

AQUARIUS Aquarius loves a little mystery in their chosen city. Okay, make that a lot of mystery. The Water Carrier is happiest treading in the footsteps of poets and ghosts when they wander the city streets at night, and places like Paris, New Orleans or St. Petersburg, Russia, are best for keeping the Aquarian soul nourished.

PISCES Pisces loves the water, so what better place than Venice for the Fish to spend their time? If Pisces can't live in the city where the streets are canals and the buses are boats, any other lovely place close to the sea will do just as well. San Francisco and Miami are two cities where the Fish should consider living.

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