What grown-up school supplies do you have your eye on?

Photo Credit: LeSportsacPhoto Credit: LeSportsacI can't possibly be the only one (over age 12) who still gets the powerful craving for new pens and notebooks when fall starts rolling in, can I? This year my back-to-school wish list has expanded to include elaborately patterned sticky notes, like this unicorns-and-headphones style from LeSportsac. (Maybe I should just dig up the O.G. Lisa Frank stuff and accept the fact that I am clearly regressing?) Side note: When was it decided that all fancy sticky notes must be sold in multi-size "booklets" with protective "portfolio" covers? Was it because they figured no one would pay $12 for sticky notes otherwise? Have they heard how much regular school supplies add up these days?

Photo Credit: LeSportsacPhoto Credit: LeSportsac
But back to the point: Do you get the urge to buy yourself school supplies (or, ahem, a back-to-school wardrobe) at this time of year? And if so, what's on your shopping list?

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