What Has Amanda Knox Been Up To?

Amanda Knox. (Photo: Getty Images)On Monday ABC announced that Diane Sawyer had won the highly coveted interview with Amanda Knox, the American college student who was convicted of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, while studying abroad in Italy. After serving four years in prison, Knox’s conviction was overturned and she was released in 2011.

But what has Amanda Knox, now 25, been doing with her freedom since then?

She’s been writing a memoir. The interview with Sawyer is scheduled to air April 30, the same day Knox’s book, “Waiting to be Heard,” will be published. According to reports, Harper Collins paid nearly $4 million dollars for the right to publish the memoir, which is based on diary entries Knox kept in jail. 

When Knox returned to her hometown of Seattle, there was speculation if she would continue her relationship with her Italian boyfriend and co-defendant Raffaelle Sollecito. But their romance was not to be. Knox has since reunited with her ex-boyfriend, David Johnsrund. However, Knox does keep in touch with Sollecito over Skype, and the two met in person back in September.

Knox’s father said that she has mostly been using her free time to catch up with family and friends, particularly with her twin cousins who were only 1-year-olds when Knox left for Italy.

Her legal woes aren’t over
. Knox will have to travel to Florence to serve as a witness in a trial for allegedly slandering the Italian police. In jail, Knox claimed she was beaten by police, a claim that her parents repeated to the Italian press. If convicted, Amanda or her parents could serve up to three years in prison.

As for her career aspirations, friends claim Amanda has considered working as an Italian translator. Her friend Jessica Nichols told the BBC that Amanda “wants to work with people who are wrongfully imprisoned, and hopefully use her experience to benefit others, and make something good out of all of this ugliness."

Those who followed Knox’s trial are eager to hear Knox’s side of the story, straight from the horse’s mouth. Was she close with Kercher? What does she have to say to the witnesses who said she didn’t seem surprised when Kercher’s body was discovered? Who does she believe murdered Kercher? How was she treated in prison? Does she care whether or not people think she’s guilty? Would she ever consider reaching out to the Kercher family? If she could do things differently, what would she go back and change?

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