What is At Home?

Categories can be deceiving! If you didn't have a chance to look around Shine before you posted your blog, you might have thought that our "At Home" category was for stories that revolved around home life. We didn't mean to mislead you, but our "At Home" category is actually for blog posts on home decorating and home renovating.

This is why we created your "Only My Blog" page. Your "Only My Blog" page is the ideal place to post stories and photos about your personal life. Everyone will still be able to see and comment on your post, and it will help keep our "At Home" category for what it was intended for - related home topics such as:

Home Decorating
Home Renovating
Home Organizing
Do-it-yourself Home Projects

So have fun, keep those insighful blogs coming, and remember that "At Home" stands for home projects. ;) Thanks!