What Men Really Think About Women Proposing

We hit the streets of New York City to get guys to confess how they really feel about the bended-knee thing--if they're not doing the bending.

Q: "A woman proposing--you okay with that?"

"It just wouldn't feel good. If you're in a relationship and she's asking, something isn't right." -- Nick N., 26

"Totally! It would take the pressure off of me and save me the five grand on a ring." -- Matt C., 24

"I'd feel kind of awkward. But if I were in love, it would save me the nervousness." -- Angel O., 33

"It would be weird, but I'd get used to it. But I probably wouldn't tell my friends how it went down." -- Gabriel S., 28

"If I loved her--great! Men always do it; it's about time a woman stepped up." -- Xavier M., 29

The verdict? Not all men are alike, and only you know your boyfriend well enough to say if he'd be comfortable-or even happy-if you popped the question.

So tell us:
What do you think about women proposing? What does your man think? And if you decide to break with tradition and do the proposing,
click here for our tips on pulling it off seamlessly.

Photos by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

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