What Star Body Shape Are You?

Wish you had the body of a star? You already do! (Oh and apparently, even they have a hard time in the dressing room.) Fashion designer Bradley Bayou - who recently launched a ready-to-wear collection, reveals to Marie Claire his trademark tricks for flattering some of Hollywood's most famous figures and how you can rock their looks.

Queen Latifah

Her Look: The rapper-turned-Oscar nominee is what Bayou describes as a "tall, full rectangle." Her form, with little waistline definition, can appear boxy, so he uses "soft fabrics and corsets." He also applies "design elements that release at her hip to give her some extra curves."
Your Look: Try wide V-necks or off-the-shoulder dresses. This, Bayou says, "elongates your shoulder line and when used in combination with a corset, will pull in your waist and make your torso appear smaller." Also, show off your favorite features. If you love your legs, a simple slit can do the trick.

Anne Hathaway
Her Look: Also a rectangle, the actress has broad, pronounced shoulders and slightly curvy hips. "The more she accentuates her shoulders and hips, the smaller her waist will appear," Bayou says. "Because she's tall and slender, the proportional differences in her body are small, so she doesn't have to do much to create that balance."
Your Look: If your shape is similar to Anne's, Bayou assures you it's "very easy to dress" yourself. Always wear looks that pull in at your waist and release at your hip. A tuxedo jacket with a strong shoulder would work, as would an A-line skirt.

Eva Longoria
Her Look: The Desperate Housewives star has a "short, petite hourglass" figure. "When working with Eva, I always use long, lean lines to elongate her petite frame, making her seem taller," Bayou says. "It's also important to highlight her waist. Otherwise, her naturally balanced figure could get lost."
Your Look: To add height, Bayou recommends monochromatic looks that are simple in terms of design - like a pantsuit or a long, silver gown - to create instant length.

Beyoncé Knowles
Her Look: The Grammy-winning singer has an "average medium triangle" body shape, with her hips being the primary visual element of her silhouette. "She can carry plunging necklines, so I dress her in a minidress with a very dramatic V-neck," Bayou says.
Your Look: If you're like Beyoncé, you have "a narrow waist and a small rib cage, which makes it easy to flatter your upper body and show off your slim midriff," he says. Also, try belted looks to emphasize your small waist.

Taraji P. Henson
Her Look: The actress has an "average medium hourglass" body shape. "She's got curves in all the right places!" Bayou says. He opts to put her in formfitting designs that "accentuate her small waist" and have an "open top to show off her stunning collarbone and shapely arms."
Your Look: If you too have a great bustline, Bayou suggests wearing body-contouring items that show off your figure ... as well as some skin.

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Reprinted with Permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.