What was your best thrift store find?

Goodwill in New York CityGoodwill in New York CityWhen we hit up thrift stores we're usually hoping to find something unique at an affordable price. But do you ever expect to find a designer piece at Salvation Army? The New York Times wrote an article about how more and more fancy labels are appearing in the resale shops, like Marc Jacobs (like the ruffled-neck dress at left) and Diane von Furstenberg. This photo was taken at the Goodwill on 25th street in Manhattan--a 5,500-square-foot closet waiting to be picked over and scoured to unleash spectacular finds.

"We are making a particularly strong push right now to improve our image, our reputation and our brand, to promote Goodwill as a cool place to shop," said Goodwill's chief executive, Jim Gibbons. He says that their stores have been working on creating more enjoyable shopping environments and gathering up attractive and valuable items to feature. With sales up over 7 percent, it seems even wealthy shoppers are raiding their stores in hopes of scoring a treasure. The next time you're looking for a Prada bag or a Pucci top, hit up your neighborhood vintage shop--you never know what unexpected goodies may come across.

What is the best item you've ever picked up at a thrift store? Tell us about your amazing deals! [NY Times]