What Would Your Dream Man Be Like?

We gave ourselves a plum assignment: Create the world's hottest guy. So, with the help of a few hot celebrity guys, we built a better man - part by delicious part...

A little of this, a little of that...from looks to personality, we've blended irresistible qualities from the hottest celeb guys to come up with our dream man.

George Clooney' bedroom eyes. And oh, those wrinkles and crinkles (if only we could age so well!).

Matt Damon's genuine smile could cheer us up after a bad day.

Jude Law's accent. The dictionary. The McDonald's drive-through menu. He reads it, we weep.

Patrick Dempsey's luscious locks, which we'd gladly brush off his careworn forehead anytime.

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Taye Diggs's chest. After a long day, what better place to snuggle up for comfort?

Jeff Bridges's "dude-ness". Because as much as we like a guy who can get ahead, we also like one who can kick back and relax.

Matthew McConaughey's abs. Need we say more?

Curtis Stone's culinary chops. He's got an irresistible pick-up line: "Dinner's ready!"

Drew Brees's confidence. When the New Orleans Saints QB led his team to Super Bowl victory, our hearts beat overtime.

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Ashton Kutcher's Twitter skills. Behold the modern man, who can bare his soul in 140 characters or less.

David Beckham's legs...speak for themselves.

Tim Gunn's elegance. We wish every guy had his manners!

Dwayne Johnson's big heart. Founding The Rock Foundation, Dwayne helps educate, empower and motivate children through health education and physical fitness.

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Justin Timberlake's sexy footwork. He leads, we follow.

Will Smith's charm makes us jealous of Jada.

Jack Bauer's courage. Yes, fictional men count. Especially when they're played by Kiefer Sutherland...

But what makes a reaI husband a total hottie? A great head of hair, rock-hard abs, and a killer smile? Or is it the fact that he'll watch Jersey Shore with you? Tell us what qualities really make a spouse sexy and see how you compare with other readers in an upcoming issue of REDBOOK!

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What makes a husband hot? (List all that apply)

A handsome face

A sexy body
A sense of humor
Handiness around the house
Great parenting skills
Someone who's a great cook
Someone who's amazing in bed
A good listener
Someone who makes you feel safe
Someone who's supportive of what you do
Spontaneous romantic gestures
Someone who's a great friend to others
Lots of cuddles
A charitable spirit-someone who gives back
A great provider for the family
A hard worker
Someone who agrees that you're always right
A full head of (his own) hair
Someone who picks his underwear off the floor
Someone willing to watch your bad TV shows with you

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