What Your Bedsheets Reveal About You

Your mattress isn't just where the magic happens - it's also a clue to the inner you. Seriously. Choose the photo that best represents your bed, then check out the expert analysis for possible insights into your personality.

Less Is More
If you're into a minimalist look, you're likely open-minded. Your bed mimics your Zen and unfussy attitude. The straightforward style shows you are direct and say what's on your mind.

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Cozy and Chill

A style all about physical and emotional comfort shows you're sentimental and loyal. Items like old quilts say your relationships, especially with friends, are important to you.

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Girly and Chic

A feminine bed suggests you crave feeling pampered, and the bold colors say you're outgoing. The eye-catching details indicate you thrive as the center of attention.

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All Jumbled Up

A rumpled bed indicates you're a bit disorganized. But your messiness also means you don't sweat the small details (like matching your sheets) and tend to be spontaneous.

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