What's Your Favorite Household Product?

One of the hardest and most fun projects we work on all year is the selection of our VIP (Very Innovative Product) Award winners. But we're wondering, what are the products you can't live without?

Here are some of our picks for top-rated household products that make our lives a bit easier:

In the Kitchen...

Best Blenders: Some kitchen appliances, like a coffee grinder, are nice to have. A blender, on the other hand, is a necessity. Not only are these multitaskers crucial for making smoothies and soups, they're also handy for prep tasks like pureeing, grinding, and chopping. To help you find the best of the bunch, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute evaluated 38 blenders for ease of use, performance, durability, safety, and customer service.

Toasters $50 or Less: These budget toasters have been tested and recommended by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

In the Bathroom...

Lasting Waterproof Eyeliners: To help you avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes, chemists at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute put several waterproof eyeliners to the test to find the ones that resisted water and stayed put all day.

Anti-Humidity Hairsprays: Don't let humidity ruin your hair! We tested a number of hairsprays and these brands came out on top.

Around the House....

Cool Tools for a Spotless Home: Your toughest chores just got easier with these cool tools, including a top-rated carpet cleaner, window-cleaning tool, and wood floor cleaner.

Best Travel Coffee (and Tea) Mugs: We evaluated 28 travel mugs for temperature retention, leak- and spill-resistance, stability, comfort while drinking, ease of opening with one hand, ease of washing, and durability.

iPod Alarm Clocks: Although a basic blaring beep will do the deed, waking to favorite tunes is a much nicer way to start the day. Most iPod-docking clocks can be cued to a playlist or song and also charge your iPod or iPhone (or perhaps both) overnight. Of the 33 clocks we evaluated, these winners beat the rest.

Share your own favorites with us!

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