What's Your Favorite 'Mom' Movie of All Time? (Here's Our Top 10)

by GALTime.com Staff

As Mother's Day approaches, it got us to thinking about all the great movies out there that pay homage to 'mom.' We couldn't pick ourselves, so we turned to emmy-award winning entertainment reporter Sara Edwards for her all time favorite pics for Best "Mom" Movies:

Let's start with number 10 and build up to my all time favorite.

10. "Step-Mom"
This 1998 tear jerker stars Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts. Roberts is married to Susan's ex husband in this, and must undertake the responsibilities of being a step-mom.. Sarandon fights her every step of the way, until they both discover how precious life is and form a bond that will have you weeping at the end.


9. "Mrs. Doubtfire"
OK, so he's not the mom here, but in order to see his kids, this divorced dad disguises himself as a Scottish nanny and learns along the way what being a truly good parent is all about. The vaccuming scene to the song "Dude Looks Like a Lady" still makes me howl!


8. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
Who can forget Lainie Kazan as the Greek mother to Nia Vardalos in this hit romantic comedy. I think this line says it all when the doting mother tells her daughter, "Your father may be the head of the family, but I'm the neck, and the neck controls the head!"


7. "The Joy Luck Club"
Based on Amy Tan's best selling book, this epic tale is presented through a series of flashbacks. It showcases four young Chinese women born in America and their respective mothers born in feudal China. As the young women explore their past, they come to better understand their difficult mother/daughter relationships. Have hankies ready.


6. "Little Women"
Based on the Louisa May Alcott classic, there's the 1933 film version with Spring Byington as "Marmee", the staunch matriarch of the March family, and Kate Hepburn as "Jo". Or, fast forward to the 1994 version with Susan Sarandon in the "Marmee" role. You can't lose either way as Marmee shows us the grit, love, and compassion it takes to nurture a family during a time when women were still considered "second class citizens."


5. "Forrest Gump"
Sally Field is the fierce mother who refuses to let her mentally challenged son feel "handicapped". "Stupid is as Stupid does, Forrest" is her mantra that encourages Tom Hanks to see that life is just a box of chocolates..you never know what you're going to get. So work with what you have!


If Forrest Gump is #5...what comes in at #1? Click here to find out! Then, add your favorite to the list! There are so many. Let us know your most memorable 'mom' movie!

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