When did everything get so chaotic?

I was just trying to get things in my head straight today. I have come to realize that everything around me has changed so much. When did I become scared to be an American? I am not a political person...at all. But lately I am finding it harder and harder to be proud of where we stand. Am I the only one? Sometimes i feels like I am. When did we become a country that steals from the poor and gives to rich? When did we become a society that answers to the IRS for healthcare? Why can't my child play on the neighborhood streets riding bicycles like I did? I am not understanding why we ar all taking right up the poop shoot like it's okay. I am from Long Island and it feels like it is a 2 class society. The really rich and the poor. I never thought that growing up that I wouldn't be able to have a home of my own, I would be in debt up to my ears with no way out and living paycheck to paycheck with a decent job. I am petrified as to what my kids get to look forward to as they get older. This is scary! Really, am I the only person that feels this way?

You know I didn't vote for the president that is seated today. I couldn't join the hype. Don't get me wrong. When the man spoke he made me want to believe in everything that he wanted to "change". I thought that universal healthcare would actually be a decent proposal. However, I did not think that the plans would unravel the way that they did. We are in a recession! We have parents that depend on the government for healthcare just for their kids. It's not just because they feel like having their kids on Medicaid. It's because they can't afford the healthcare that has been offered to them. And I'm not talking about people who take advantage of the government but not being motivated enough to just get off the couch and get a job. Those are the people that need to get off the government band wagon and just do something with themselves. I am talking about the middle working class parents that just can't afford it. And now as if "living" isn't hard enough we will be fined if we have no healthcare at all? Does this make sense? Am i bloviating the situation? Why is everything such a struggle for people who are trying to make something good out of there life?

Now I could be getting over my head but i am on board with the Arizona immigration laws. Why should we have to compromise our constitutional right? I had jsut found out that Arizona is #2 in the world for kidnapping. Did you know that? #2 and they are being bashed and sued by the white house administration because they think it's wrong? I happen to be a citizen. It would probably make me feel a little better if someone asked if I was. At least I would know they actually were starting care about my rights.
This I looked up:

The definition of " un alienable rights," is those rights that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone else - the government, for example, or another person. Some people refer to these as "natural" or "God-given" rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness). Certain unalienable rights, such as a Social Security number, however, are "unalienable" only because the law prohibits reassigning your number to someone else.

In contrast, " in alienable rights" are those rights that can only be transferred with the consent of the person possessing those rights.

The Declaration of Independence talks about "unalienable rights."


Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. WE take these all for granted. We have forgotten what it takes to keep them and those that have helped us to preserve them. They are and will continue to be something we have to fight for.

I remember my grandfather telling me stories from WWII and I never (obviously) as a kid looked into what the political message was behind the war. I just looked at him as a hero. And I see what is happeening today and it's starting to become unclear what we are fighting for. Is it our freedom? Our liberty? Our rights? What is it because I think we have lost our path. There is so much chaos going on internally here. Once again, am I the only person feeling this?

My neighborhhood is not safe anymore, my paycheck is certainly not safe anymore, the schools that my kids go to, the airports and now the oceans. I guess the list can go on and on. And this is right outside our door today. So where do I go? Do we all hide and ignore everything that is going on? Can we do anything about it? Are we actually imploding as a country?

I think everyone is really scared as to what is to come in our future. I don't think it's a political party issue when EVERYBODY is being affected. Million dollar ideas aren't good enough anymore. Someone I know has always said to me "Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a sailboat to sail right next to it". I sanybody really happy? I had always said that i never needed to be a millionaire to be happy. I just want to be a thousandaire so i could pay my bills and feel like I can look into my bank account or scatch that.....NOT have to look into my bank account everyday to see if I was going to make it today. I will make it today and I will have a smile on my face. When does everything get better? How much did the taxpayers give away in a sham stimulus again? Who got rich? The rich? By the time I retire....if I retire there will probably no Medicare or Social Security to helpm out in my old age. My life goal has turned into live paycheck by paycheck and at least you're doing that. Put money away for your kids because you have no idea what the hell they are going to have to deal with. I look at my kids and sometimes think, did I just make their life a struggle just by giving birth to them? I see the future in their eyes, but I have no idea what battles they will have to face. I am sorry if this seems to be all over the place, I am just writing my thoughts as they come. Does anyone feel this way?

How did we get this way? Are we just putting one fall guy after another in the white house? Are we actually this corrupt? Have we been duped again? I just feel STUPID and HOPELESS. Do I feel like this blog is going to make me feel better? ABSOLUTELY!! Because at least I said something. What do you think could happen if everyone just said something too?