Which mom-type do you have? Match your mom to a Mother's Day recipe

Mother's Day is a day of appreciation, a day of rest and respite for those who run households, boardrooms, PTA meetings, and half-marathons. Also, it's very often a day of guilt for grown children who haven't bought a decent gift, made a brunch reservation, purchased a sentimental card, or called in a flower delivery in time. Not to worry -- at BHG.com, we've assembled a list of Mother's Day Brunch suggestions so you can treat any mom like a queen for a day -- at least in the culinary sense.

The "Type A" Mom
The Type A Mom has a difficult time abdicating her kitchen. If you do attempt to cook for her, it may be physically impossible for her not to surreptitiously season, adjust the oven temperature, and silently disapprove over your choice of spatula. In order to gently thwart her efforts, it's best to plan ahead. Choose a classic brunch or lunch meal you can whip up the day prior, such as this Make-Ahead Chicken Waldorf Salad. Arrive mid-morning on Sunday with it on hand, as well as some good-quality paper plates and utensils and bottle of chilled champagne. There is literally nothing she can do.

The Newly Trendy Vegetarian Mom
This is the mom that has, without warning, gotten really into spirituality. Yoga, self-help books, healing crystals...she might even have a mantra! While this might bear little resemblance to the woman who raised you on Chef Boyardee and daytime TV, embrace her new enlightenment by cooking this healthy, easy-to prepare Herbed Frittata with Edamame (use egg substitute for extra karmic points!)

The Sentimental Mom
The Sentimental Mom looks back on your childhood years with great affection. In fact, you may get the uneasy sense that she preferred your company when you didn't have opinions about politics and interior design. Shower her with affection and let her know that all those years of loving child-rearing were, actually, worth it by cooking something truly decadent, like this French Chocolate Coffee Cake.

The Always Dieting Mom
This particular brand of mom may not be overweight but she is really into dieting -- it's like a hobby, really. Books, classes, gyms, week-long fasts, fancy programs, odd exercise devices -- she's tried it all. Why not let her throw caution to the wind for the day, put down the latest Master Cleanse handbook and enjoy an anti-diet brunch of Coconut-and-Chocolate-Topped Waffles.

The Treats-You-Like-You're-11-Years-Old Mom

This is the mom who never fails to see you as a pre-teen. She fixes your hair and worries aloud about your driving, queries you about your weight in public and insists on referring to you by your childhood nickname, even if you're well into your 30's. Show her you've matured by baking these hearty and delicious scones -- the most adult of all breakfast pastries!

The Old School Mom
The Old School Mom considers the Internet a fad, and does crosswords, not Sudoku. She has never touched a pair of designer jeans, prefers hardcover library books over Dancing With The Stars and may occasionally say things like, "Good heavens!" without irony. Salute her dedication to all things classic by brewing her a nice pot of English Breakfast tea and cooking this simple, timeless Eggs Benedict.

The New Mom
If there's a mother of a newborn in your life, chances are lavish gifts and a jovial celebration may pale in comparison to the gift of sleep. Offer to look after the little bundle of joy for the morning, and, even better, come bearing this satisfying Ham and Asparagus Strata that she can refrigerate and enjoy at her leisure.

Do you have any brunch or Mother's Day favorites or traditions? Dish with us in the comments!