Who surrounds You?: Weeding out your Life

Ever find yourself questioning the actions of one of your girlfriends? Have you ever chatted with one of your other friends about the other one's behavior or comments? A lot of times we find ourselves unpleased with those around us, but we sweep it under the rug as if it's unimportant. It's important that we make sure to associate ourselves with those who actually want to go far in life, and have things in common with us. Befriending someone who doesn't really have ambition and is full of negative qualities will only eventually hold you back indirectly.

In a sense, you are who surrounds you. The friends you choose to have, although they may not be just like you, will always reflect who you are to others, whether others admit it or not. If you find yourself always sitting around enduring lots of gossip and negative talk about others, this is taking time and energy away from productive things you could be engaging in. Negative energy, although it may not be yours, can be extremely draining.

It's time to surround yourself with people that are growing just as you are. We are all learners, and progress in life comes alot easier when you surround yourself with positive, supporting people, instead of those who will judge and hinder you. Just like a garden has to be weeded out in order for the plants to properly grow, your circle in life should be clear of anyone that is not in sync with your desire to grow emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

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