Why is CHANGE a Bad Word?

Tonya ShadoanTonya Shadoan

It's moving day around here at the Shadoan household. It's bittersweet. This condo represents more than just a place to stay. It represented my independence, FREEDOM. The first night I moved in I was by myself and didn't have a bed to sleep in. I literally slept on the floor. But guess what? I didn't care. It was mine. I had taken that first step to my independence and it felt great. Change is scary - especially the unknown. I knew I could make it on my own. I was determined even when people thought I was crazy leaving my financial blanket. But I wasn't happy. Time to take a stand. And now here I am a year later, living a beautiful life, doing what I love to do everyday, and moving into a beautiful home with my children. (Moving sucks by the way).

Maybe you are in that position right now. You want to make a move/change in your life by leaving that corporate job and really making a go in your wedding business. But you don't know how. Believe me, I was there just 12 years ago when I left my secure paycheck. I was there just last year when I left a 20 year marriage. But instead of resisting the change, I embraced it (with a few tears of course).

We all resist change. It's not the change we fear it's the UNKNOWN of our future. Whether it be a new house, quitting a job, starting our own business. It doesn't matter what happens, if it's the unknown we tend to be scared and resist.

I approach my life a little differently. In fact, I embrace change even when it's scary. I'm not gonna lie and tell you that it's always so easy. In fact, there are many days that I don't want to get up in the morning. I've spent many nights crying myself to sleep. But I kept moving forward. So how did I embrance the change and make the most of it?

I live by one personal motto that I use in my professional and personal life that helps get me through CHANGE everyday!


Yes, seriously. What's the worst thing that can come out of your change?

People see change as a bad thing when actually it's a great thing. It means you are growing into living the life of your purpose and passion. We would rather play it SAFE. Our subconscious mind protects us from making crazy decisions like quitting a job, jumping off a cliff, or going cold turkey. That's completely normal, but you have the power to tell your subconscious that this new CHANGE is a good thing. I have to remind myself all the time.

I want you to remember my motto: "WHAT'S THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN?"

So the next time, you want to CHANGE and scary feelings of the unknown enter into your mind, I want you to use my motto. You can always go back. You can find a new job. But if you don't try living your purpose in life, you'll never know. Do you really want to go the rest of your life and not know?

It's time to take that leap of faith. Surround yourself with the support and help you need.

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