Why do our country lagging behind Global judiciary system where as it is very prompt in action globally

The criminal cases of happenings may not be so easily filed unless cleared by the political pressers this way or that accordingly the wishes of high influential persons are given signal. and then the proceedings in the m courts it may take years to be heard and given judgement that to be confirmed in higher courts after some more years etc. But in the parallel cases in the global countries like Britain and France and USA it takes no time for action as is proved in the case of the complaint by a maid servant against the Indian diplomat in USA where the government of India did not approve the officer as culprit but the Government of USA accepted the complaint of the lady and the proper proceeding in the court are being taken. And recently the death of Dr Sachan in side the jail is being disputed by his son as a murder influenced by some in fluent persons being saved by others who may be in hand in hand as reported in the media and news papers. Here is the solid case that requires the Lokayukt of the bill proposed by Shri Hazare and the civilsociety whjere as the other side still desire that the Loka yukt should be so as to be influenced by the higher authorities otherwise it will be a case of parallel government. But in general the people are behind Mr Hazare and the civil society type bill as to meet the global system of judiciary