Why Sandra Bullock Is Having More Fun in Her 40s

She spent her 20s worrying and her 30s working nonstop. Now in her 40s, Sandra Bullock is living life her way. She rides motor bikes, farms, and isn't afraid to pee outside...so what's the one thing she won't tackle? Check out her gorgeous Harper's Bazaar cover shoot photos and find out why here life just keeps getting better.

She's Aging Backwards…
"Right now, I'm kind of getting into my childhood," says Bullock, by way of explanation. "I didn't have a teenage or early-20s experience that was free and without worry. I missed the screw-everything, have-a-good-time phase. I was worried that if I didn't stay on track and work, work, work, I was never going to accomplish anything. Now I'm trying to have fun and have the freedom to do nothing."
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What Her Near-Perfect Weekend Looks Like...
On a clear afternoon in the desert, Sandra Bullock was having a near-perfect Saturday. She and her husband of almost four years, Jesse James, 40, were riding dirt bikes across a dry lake bed, taking in the view of the mountains and the desolate beauty of the landscape.
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On Peeing Behind a Cactus…
It seems that an amateur paparazzo snapped her during a pit stop on the way to the middle of nowhere, and the rare candid shot of the star taken outside of her adopted hometown of Austin made its way to the Internet. "I panicked. We were in the desert, no place to pee. So I peed outside. [I thought] on the cover of the tabloids, there's going to be a picture of me peeing by a cactus. And yes, I did it. I'll do it again."
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On the Pregnancy Question…
"I reamed out this idiot girl at some premiere once about this. I had just been talking to a friend who couldn't conceive, and I saw her pain. And this girl said" - she affects a nasal whine - "'I'm from Star magazine. Are you pregnant?' And I went off on her. What if I couldn't have kids? Do you know what that would make me feel like? I just want people to admit that there's no one way to live your life. Of course, I don't know what's going to happen."
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Actor Ryan Reynolds on His Latest Co-Star...
Reynolds refers to her as "the ultimate catch, no matter what - age, particularly with her, is completely irrelevant…"
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