Why You Should Slack Off at Work

Sit back at work...Sit back at work...Okay, so what if you spend 30 minutes of each workday perusing Pinterest? You can jpoint your boss to this new study and tell her you're just working on "refocusing" your efforts.

By Meagan Morris

Seriously, though: Researchers from the University of Toronto found that so-called slackers at the office typically just are refocusing their efforts from one task to another when they seem like they're not doing anything. The researchers went on to say that managers should view this as a sign of adaptability-a good thing to have in today's ever-changing business climate.

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Basically, this says that you shouldn't limit yourself to one task at a time. Instead, try to work on several different projects throughout the day to keep your mind sharp and fresh.

The reward? You'll develop more work skills that will, in turn, make you more marketable in your industry. And more skills=more money. We can get behind that.

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