Why Worry

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Worry beadsWorry beads "For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe." ~Author Unknown

One of the most useless wastes of energy is worry. Yet so many of us continue to think about and imagine scenarios that will never happen. We don't stop to realize that worry is simply a very bad habit and that like any other habit it can be broken and changed with awareness and focus. The truth is that stress and worry can actually make us physically ill and take years off our lives, so why not break the worry habit today.

I used to be a chronic worrier until I became conscious of my thoughts and realized I was focusing my mind on negative outcomes rather than positive solutions. I was trying to control outcomes that were clearly out of my domain and I was building a bonfire that was fed by my fears and fantasies rather than faith.

To help break my worry habit, I have a string of worry beads given to me by a Tibetan monk. They are very smooth beads designed to be handled or stroked, to relieve anxiety or nervousness. I no longer need them, but there was a time I depended upon them to remind me to change my focus from pessimism to optimism, with that shift came gratitude.

If you are plagued by the worry habit, try some worry beads, and remind yourself that the only power you have control over is your thoughts. Outcomes may or may happen as you wish but worrying will not change that, being positive and proactive will. Meanwhile it doesn't hurt to fondle those worry beads.


Marlene Moore Gordon

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