Will our country not mined the introduction of TALIBAN RULE by some sect of any eligion being incited by underground agency named as FATAWA ISSUIMNG BY MULLAH S Enemy OF iNDIA?

Is it not shameful for our country and the media to sit idle or encourage through propaganda in the news about the release of FATWAS -unwanted and against the constitution of India,by ordering the followers or inciting them to forefeit their rights of free living and thinking according to liberties granted to all the citizons of india.
It is self explainatory that for hundereds of years as well since we got Independance there was never any Such Fatwas were issued by any body while under the rule of Powerfull British rule.
As well this Mullah sect of giving Fatwas s not found any where in the non Muslim countries where the same sect and the religion lives along. and any time their attempt to interfere by such fellows was ever made was crushed by iron hands.
Then why not our counmtry stands for safegarding our law of the constitution by debarring and extradition sucxh mullah from our country like who orders our childeren to not wear clothes which ,mullah don't like. Our India is not under the rule of Mullah or who dares to make our rule as funny.