Women: Finding time and place for religion, spirituality

NBC/The Today ShowNBC/The Today ShowToday's reports from "A Woman's Nation" focused, interestingly, on women and religion. As women's lives have gotten busier and filled with more breadwinning responsibilities, women continue to turn to religious institutions and religions for spirituality and support.

Some religions have responded more than others to women's needs and have embraced women as leaders in their clergy, not just in the volunteer ranks, researchers Kelly Morgan and Sally Steenland write in "The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything."

One big change researchers have noticed in recent years is that women (and men) are more frequently switching religious affiliations, "moving among different faith traditions-and in and out of organized religion altogether." A recent study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that about half of all Americans change their faith at least once during their lives. And the reasons are many: marriage, moves, the search for a faith that better fits their lives and beliefs. Maria Shriver's report on The Today Show today centered on some of the mega-churches where pastors' wives have joined as co-pastors to be more relevant to women who are equal partners at home, or single women and single moms.

Has religion become more important in your life in recent years? Like so many women, have you tried different religious affiliations? And is it important to you to see women represented in the leadership of your religious organizations?

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