Women Ingest Around 4 to 9 Pounds of Lipstick in Their Lives

You may have gotten a forwarded email or two in your life saying that women ingest pounds and pounds of lipsticks in their lives-and back in 2005, Allure reported on an estimate of around 4 to 9 pounds. The people over at Raw Beauty remembered that-and in a video meant to illustrate the importance of knowing what's in your cosmetics, they took it pretty darn literally.

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After we saw the crazy video, we had to know exactly how they filmed it-and Raw Beauty gave us the behind-the-scenes story. First off, the actress (Stevie, who has a following on YouTube) didn't actually swallow those tubes of lipstick-but she did bit them off and spit them out between takes. And when she starts truly eating the makeup, that's chocolate and frosting. Phew.

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