Women Would Rather Give Up Sex, Coffee Than Beauty Products

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In a recent national survey by L'Bel USA, it was discovered that women were actually more willing to give up chocolate, coffee, or even sex than their favorite beauty products. Shocked? I was too - until I considered the fact that once I uncover my favorite product, it's something that I tend to hold onto (and repeatedly purchase, and pass along to friends).

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The survey went on to say that women are more likely to give up a favorite pair of shoes or jeans at airline security than give up their beloved skincare or makeup item. John Krites, L'Bel USA's beauty expert said, "Once you find a product you love, that's affordable and works, you never want to let it go."

The survey also goes on to mention these key points:
  • The majority of women reported that they carry beauty products in their purse regularly (76%), with lipstick/lip gloss topping the list (63%)
  • The must-have item for most women on a night out is their lipstick or lip gloss.
  • Fragrance is the number one item on which women say they splurge their paycheck on.

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I think the survey should have added in the length of time that we had to give up these other products, such as how long are these said women (1,300 of them to be exact, ages 18 and older) willing to go without sex? Or chocolate?!? There is a limit to our insanity. What would you give up?

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