How Do Working Moms Do it All?

I'm entering my third month as a full time working mother with a newborn and 3 older children. I have to say: this is hard! I work from home and it doesn't really seem that much easier than if I worked outside of the home (except I do get to see the family throughout the day and nurse my baby whenever she needs me, for that I am so grateful!).

I miss the kids, I miss having a little control over the household (epic mess, anyone?) and I wonder how other mothers do this seemingly effortlessly. We are still getting routines down and now that the baby is no longer so extremely colicky we certainly are having an easier time of it, but still.

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I want things to be much more smooth than they are. I want everyone to have great routines and be ok with mom working all day. I want to have a productive enough day that I'm not working all evening when it should be our family time together.

I want something that doesn't exist: work and life balance.

I'd love to hear how you part time, full time, work at home, work out of the home moms do it. How do you juggle your deadlines with the family's needs? Even with help with the children I'm finding that it's difficult for everyone to understand my new role. Maybe as the baby continues to get older everyone will settle into THEIR new role too (and clean, cook, babysit, do school work, without a fuss!).

How do you do it, moms?

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