World's Wildest Holiday Houses

Christmas Lights Gone Wild

The days following Thanksgiving are all about two things: shopping and turkey sandwiches. No wait; the days following Thanksgiving are all about three things: shopping, turkey sandwiches, and holiday decorating.

Tackling that tangle of lights may be intimidating to some, but here are 5 breathtaking and over-the-top holiday displays that are sure to amaze.

Christmas Fortress

Dominic Luberto's home in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, causes quite a stir; especially among neighbors who don't care for this bright holiday display. Luberto's lights aren't without fans, though. Local news stations have covered and photographed the place for special holiday coverage. The yard featured everything from traditional snowmen to Winnie-the-Pooh figurines.

Lights for a Cause

Alek Komarnitsky recreates a version of this display every year. All of the figures and flashers are synced to software that allows you to manipulate the Lafayette, Colorado, display via the Web. Why? Through his over-the-top display, Komarnitsky hopes to motivate people to donate to the University of Maryland's Center for Celiac Research; both of his children have been diagnosed with the condition. Visit to get in on the fun.

Can You Count to a Bazillion?

Gary Slater's decorating tradition began in 1996 and continues to grow each year. The Livonia, Michigan, display-fondly known by neighborhood kids as "the house with a bazillion lights"-includes 32 mini trees, over 40,000 lights, and is synced to holiday music. For more information, visit

Gingerboard House

We're sure that this "gingerbread" house in East Vancouver, Canada, doesn't taste as good as it looks. The home features faux icing trim, a candy cane walkway, and peppermint candy accents. If these homeowners created a miniature, they might be the ones to beat in the This Old Gingerbread House Contest this year.

Make a Wish

This Rheineck, Switzerland, home creates a striking generic display to accommodate all winter holidays. A star-patterned cap over a massive floodlight covers the exterior with sparklers in a creative way.

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