Would You Quit Your Job To Spend More Time With Your Husband?

How much time do you spend with your husband?

Between over-the-top schedules, meetings, errands, and seemingly 24/7 social media demands, those of us lucky enough to have a job are operating on warped speed. There is little time left in the day to connect with your spouse at night.

Ifeyinwa Offor Walker, a 29-year-old woman who holds no less than three degrees consciously made the decision to put aside work and focus on her marriage. And she willingly walked away from her VP job at an educational non-profit to do it.

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In Washington Post's The Juggle, Walker documents how she has received backlash for taking time off for her marriage. People immediately assumed she was sick, having a baby (she is childless), or needed time to take care of aging parents. The thought of her quitting her well-earned job just to spend time with her husband was not a believable explanation to many who questioned why a person would, especially in this economy, quit a job she loved.

Yet her motivation was simple:

I took time off because as a recently-married, three-degree-holding, child-free, 29-year-old woman in New York, my priority is growing a solid foundation for my marriage/relationship with my husband.

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Her priority is her husband. How does that sit with feminist, pro-woman ideals? Walker says she believes it will help strengthen her marriage for a lifetime. Perhaps she also thinks that by the time the couple does have kids, their union will be so strong, it will be able to withstand the demands of raising children.

Juggle writer, Paula Szuchman thinks the reason Walker received such harsh criticism is because marriage is becoming obsolete. In our country, work is more appealing, more admirable and definitely more valued than marriage.

I'm on the fence...

To read about the risks of giving up your job for your marriage, head to Strollerderby.

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