Woven doormats give new life to old lobster ropes

When floating ropes used by lobstermen in Maine turneDavid Bird, Custom CordageDavid Bird, Custom Cordaged out to be dangerous to the local whale population, David Bird found a way to recycle the old ropes and help the lobsterman offset the cost of buying new, whale-friendly ropes. His company, Custom Cordage, recycles old float rope to make these beautiful doormats that are saturated with authentic marine colors. They've got great texture and loads of personality. Plus they're virtually indestructible, since the braided cords have already withstood hardcore exposure to the briny deep.

Outdoor Doormats Made From Recycled Lobster Float RopeOutdoor Doormats Made From Recycled Lobster Float Rope No two of these doormats are alike, but we were able to select our favorite colors when David Carter (a former lobsterman himself) visited Daily Grommet's offices with a pickup truck full of David Carter, Custom CordageDavid Carter, Custom Cordage reclaimed rope and then invited us up to Northern Maine to check out Custom Cordage. Each doormat is handwoven in Waldoboro, Maine, and you can choose from a traditional rectangular or runner style. These mats are helping to safeguard marine life, support lobstermen and protect the environment and keep the employees of Custom Cordage working all year round.. So far 500,000 pounds of rope destined for landfills has been rescued by Mr. Bird's Custom Cordage and they've reused more than 100,000 pounds in these doormats. Talk about a sea change.

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