Writer Arundhati Roy "-I said what J&K millions say"" as per TOI new Delhi, but who is she to say it and whose case is she proffessing under which pressure has she behaved?:

Roy,the Booker Prize wnner, but it is to be regretted "in India for never having any such prize or aclmowledgement to her work on national events, could propogate to rouse disturbance in the minds of Indian nationals at the Instigations and encouragement of some foreign agencies like if not of Booker.
Neither the History book if at all she would have studied it ever mentioned such thing as the Kashmir has ever being not the intregal part of India, she should tell the name r of that writer of History book, may be it from Pakistan or somebody of other country enimical to India.;
We hope she would have not been born by that time when India became Independent and the Rajas and Maharajas opted for India. in cluging of Hayderabad and Juna garh states..
If she feels India is not fit to live ,she may opt for other country wherem shecould say any thing against India.