You can have the red carpet or be the doormat

How you allow yourself to be treated from the start is how it will be always"

No one can want the red carpet but you ...more than anything showing the other person that you love & respect yourself"

If you allow the first profanity to be said to you, guess what you just gave that person the 'ok to keep it coming with more BS"

and most definitely if you allow a push it will turn into a punch!

And don't go disrespecting "Love" because that ain't "Love"

That is unhealthy, possesive,Crazy & non sense!

hate to break it to you that it's time to move on...Honeymoon's over!

If i was to write all the excuses, lies,BS, reasons,that people have said " as to why they stay in a un happy relationship" i would have flipping chronicles....

& I was one to talk because 4 yrs ago I was in a long term relationship that went to nowhere land

not only did i make those pathetic excuses but most of all i waisted those years that i won't get back

so what's the point of staying with someone that you're just the doormat for?

Love yourself to want to really be loved.....instead of being his punching bag

go be someone's Ruby" ...screw that their Diamond"


RED CARPET: is to be treated the way you deserve to be treated with love, respect, with embraces,desire,joy,

A person can easily go to a bar, club,store..etc.. to meet a woman but not a divine woman...remember that!

Same goes for a woman we can easily meet a man but not a gentlemen"

so when one crosses your path cherish & appreciate what you have found keep them