Your favorite Shine user posts: October edition

One of the fabulous perks of my job is coming across a great user post written by a member of our own Shine community. These tip-sharing, soul-baring, smartly-written posts demonstrate that you don't necessarily have to be a professional blogger to write something noteworthy. A great post just needs to be informative, well-written, and spoken from the heart.

Our editors love bringing attention to user posts and perhaps you've seen your own post shining brightly in our top featured area. Well, our user recognition isn't going to stop there because starting today, I want to bring you the top user posts that have captured the most number of readers every week.

Before we congratulate these top users, you need to know that breaking into this list is no small feat! These posts are vying for attention with hundreds and hundreds of other user posts every day. Just knowing that should prove their material is good!

If you want to join this exclusive club, the secret is getting your post featured. To find out what qualities our editors are looking for in a user post to feature, just click here

Without further adieu, here are the posts by Shine users who earned a Top 10 spot in greatest number of views during the first 2 weeks of October. Let's congratulate them on this well-earned spot! Check out their posts and the comments that follow. They will enlighten, entertain, and surely inspire you to blog your best.

Shine user Informer
"What is the sexiest part of your body?" - #5 spot on 10/4 and 10/5

Shine user Jay
"15 easy ways to lose 50 pounds this year" - #6 spot on 10/7

Shine user jcw198530
"User post: Giving my girlfriend a promise ring, but having to break a promise..." - #1 spot on 10/8

Shine user Brett Blumenthal
"Is your scale lying to you?" - #3 spot on 10/9
"Staying motivated to run, especially when you want to stop" - #9 spot on 10/12

Shine user cresc
"User post: Can you "just be friends" with somebody you're attracted to?" - #10 spot on 10/11