You're NOT Too Fat: How Melissa McCarthy is Changing the Way People View Funny Women

Later this week, The Heat, the first female buddy cop movie ever, opens up in theaters nationwide. There is a lot of anticipation building to see Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock play slapstick comedy roles that have been, traditionally, played for decades by men. To put into perspective just how high the buzz is for The Heat, Rotten Tomatoes users are clocking in at a 96% "Want to See" rating.

Something that has generated a great deal of attention before the release of the film, and is getting to be somewhat of a tradition for Melissa McCarthy: Photoshop drama. Melissa is a plus-sized actress. However, the marketing and graphic design departments of the films she works on seem to think that when it comes to advertising, we need to see a digitally slimmed down Melissa. When posters for the 2011 hit Bridesmaids were released, the version with Melissa was shockingly altered. This year, The Heat posters are going under the Photoshop knife.

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The UK version of the poster for The Heat was so dramatically altered by Photoshop that it instantly became a farce. A reporter from Huffington Post talked to Paul Feig, the director of The Heat, on the red carpet of the premiere and asked him about the poster.

Reporter: I doubt you had anything to do with that UK poster for "The Heat" that aggressively Photoshopped the way Melissa looks, but what did you think when you saw that?
Paul: That's the problem: I have very little to do with that - especially in the foreign markets. It's a bummer. I love Melissa exactly how she is.

Melissa will be the cover girl for the July/August issue of More magazine, and in an interview with the magazine she talks about being different and making it work in Hollywood. Melissa tells More she often hears from women who have struggled: "The letters I really love are from young actresses who were worried they had to fit a certain look. They say I've opened it up. And I don't just mean plus-size girls, you can push things now. With all the great performances in Bridesmaids, it changed how people see funny women."

I think the amazing rise of Melissa McCarthy's career will help many women in Hollywood and many women comics. Melissa has opened the door for women who previously have been told they are too fat, too against type, too unusual, too whatever to succeed. Melissa is now their poster girl for success - no Photoshopping required!

Check out some of the different ways Melissa has been portrayed on magazine covers and movie posters:

Cover of More Magazine

Melissa is the July/August cover girl for More magazine. I know this magazine is for a slightly older demographic, but I am not really digging how muted Melissa looks on the cover. I also am not a fan of the placement of her hands just below her chin. Just let Melissa shine! No need to cover her up.

Shared cover of Vanity Fair

This January 2013 cover photo of Vanity Fair makes me sad. Look how leggy and glam Leslie Mann and Megan Fox are. Then look at Melissa who is being portrayed as some sort of angry oversized child. I am hoping Vanity Fair decides Melissa is worthy of a do-over and gives her a great photographer and her own cover.

Cover of The Hollywood Reporter

THIS!!! This is by far one of the most beautiful cover photos of Melissa. The entire article in The Hollywood Reporter is stunning and well done. It is glam, it is sexy, and look! no need to photoshop a chin.

To see the ridiculous photoshopped U.K. movie poster featuring a slimmer Melissa, visit Babble!

-By Dresden Shumaker

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