Yvonne B. Johnson Disgraced Registered Nurse Now Turns Slum Lord in Redondo Beach California Speyer Lane

According to http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/01/18/10177017-homeless-numbers-down-but-risks-rise?lite In this economy, people should run back ground checks on people including, landlords, employers, and more! People are struggling and are in desperate need of finances. Some people are in such desperate need that their lack of integrity gets the better of them. In one sad article on the site Rip Off Report Says "One Registered Nurse Yvonne B. Johnson a disgraced unethical nurse that was having sex with her private duty clients husband while the client was dying, becomes a slum lord, and then stays with the clients that is now deceased husband and is now abusing the elderly man and renting slum properties.

According to http://www.ripoffreport.com/yvonne-johnson-speye/landlords/redondo-beach-california-18c73.htm One Ex Tenant from 2011 writes " Yvonne Johnson is a slum lord in the South Bay area of California that is unethical. She abuses her live in Lover Arthur Beck, whom she tells tenants she wishes he were dead, and he is out to get her, and she conspires to sink him. Her ceilings leak, and cave in, the houses leak, she patches everything up and uses the help of a heroin addict mexican that she bad mouths.

She claims her 88 year old lover is on top of the roofs of all the properties with sledge hammers caving in the roofs. The man is bent over and wrinkled and can barely walk. She slave drives him and makes him do her bidding while rediculing him calling him names, abusing him and making him work to the point of wanting to faint. He stays with her out of guilt for having an elicit affair with her while she worked as a Registered Nurse as his wife was dying of cancer, she lost her liscense as a Registered Nurse.

The plumbing in the apartments don't work, you can't have pets, the toilets don't flush, the neighbor had to use a toilet in another apartment for over 2 weeks because the toilet did not flush. Yvonne is a violater, and stalks her clients, she knocks on each clients door telling the other clients business, she has no morals, values or ethics, she tells all the clients business to each other, there are no boundaries.

She knocks on tenants doors at 7 oclock in the morning deranged and complaining about Arthur Beck trying to kill her. She tells clients that Arthur and his son are out to get her. She does not fix the house, the house has termites and rats, and charges $1850 for rent. This woman is deranged, her house is the junkiest and bumiest house on the block and its worthless. She is an abuser there is no peace living in any property she owns.

Her house is a Junk Yard in the back and the garages are too small to fit cars in because she has molded, cobwebbed Junk in the garages but charges you $50 extra bucks for rent. She is famous for being a betrayer, two faced and a hypocrite and turns people against each other while violating each person.

Stay away from YVONNE JOHNSON!! You will know its her she is old black Jamaican lady with a dry wig on or weave glued to her head and you could see her bald pots she gets botox and her eyebrows look like Crusty the Clowns. Arthur Beck is an old White man 88 years old that is an retired engineer".

This story is wild and sad, but it goes to show how people will go to lengths just to get a fist full of dollars.