3 Things That Can Make You Feel Really Calm

By Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

Did you have a stressful week? If the fact that it's Friday isn't enough to make your stress levels take a dip, then try one of these three things..

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Sniff some lavender: Multiple studies have confirmed the soothing properties of lavender. Whether you just keep a little sachet at your desk or try it in the form of lavender-scented shampoo, it's a cheap and easy way to feel zen. I love lavender, do you?

Eat a mango: Oddly, Japanese researchers say that the scent of mango produces calm feelings. They're not sure why, but since mango is such a healthy snack, it's worth trying!

Have a good cry: Confession: I cried recently, and it felt really good. I felt calmer afterward, less worried about the thing I was crying about in the first place. Turns out, I'm not alone. More than 85 percent of women say that crying helps them feel calmer. So don't hold back those tears!

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My favorite ways to get calm, aside from the above, are to:
*Go for a run (seriously, it's best thing I've found to clear my head and make me feel less anxious)
*Listen to music (it's a mood-altering substance, say experts)
*And take a nap or go to bed early, preferably after taking a hot bath.

What are your favorite ways to get calm?

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