How to Love the Weight You're At Right Now

Most of us have at least a few things we'd change about our bodies if we had the chance. But no matter if you're at your ideal weight or if you have quite a bit of weight to lose, you can learn to love the weight that you're at right now. It may sound hippity-dippity, but the more that you can begin to love and respect your body as it is now, the easier it can be to choose healthy behaviors that will allow you to get to your weight-loss goals or maintain your weight. So how do you start loving the weight you're at? With these tips of course!

1. Focus on what you love.
No body is perfect, but instead of focusing on what you don't like about your body or your weight, switch your attention to what you do like. This switch in focus harbors self love and acceptance.

2. Nix negative self talk. Do you talk to yourself like you would your best friend? If not (and most of us don't), start paying attention to your inner dialogue. Whenever you catch yourself saying something not so nice to yourself, nip it in the bud by immediately replacing the negative thought with something positive about yourself. Awareness is key!

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3. Don't get stuck in the comparison trap. I learned about the "comparison trap" a few months ago, and it's really stuck with me as an important concept to break free from. In a nutshell, busting free from the comparison trap means that you make a pact with yourself to stop comparing yourself to others. Be it financial, career, weight, looks, family, material goods -- you realize that you can't be the best at everything, but you can be the best you.

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