User Post: 12 tips towards better teamwork

As a consultant and trainer I enjoy doing team building programs, not just because I get to go out of town but also because it is an amazing opportunity to observe people's behavior in different situations. I literally tell my attendees that the activities are actually meaningless; it's actually their behavior during the activities that is always worth noting. Almost every time before the outdoor activities begin everyone is upbeat and excited, but once time pressure and the need to finish first is added to the mix, startling personality traits suddenly start to come about.

This is where you start seeing the whiners, doubters and even know it all's. It's funny and tragic all at the same time.

So here's my top list of tips to be an effective team player.

1.) Don't assume you know the instructions even before it's given

2.) Learn to ask if you don't understand

3.) Throw your assumptions out of the window

4.) Listen. Then talk.

5.) You don't have to finish first.

6.) Don't give your detractors a chance to get their critic fix.

7.) The prettiest is not always the strongest.

8.) Know when to keep your mouth shut.

9.) If you do decide to say something, make it "great job!"

10.) If the architects, doctors and engineers can't solve it, ask the messenger.

11.) It's ok to agree to disagree, then move on.

12.) Pressure makes diamonds.