What not to wear to the office this summer

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesYou'd think most of us would know that run-of-the-mill flip flops, tank tops, and bathing suits should not be worn to the office, even on the hottest, most relaxed summer days. Did I just write bathing suits?! It would seem more than a few need a reminder about summer-wardrobe no-no's in the workplace because "bathing suits in any form" are number two on CareerBuilder.com's list of 10 taboos for summer office attire.

Even if you plan to head to the pool directly from the office, ditch any idea of hiding your suit beneath your work ensemble, Superman-style: "...sprucing up your bathing suit with a nice shirt, a belt, shorts or any other accessory will not fool anyone. If you're going straight to the pool after work, just change your clothes in the bathroom or a private office when the day is over," CareerBuilder.com's Anthony Balderrama wisely writes.

Ah, good advice. Seriously, workplace attire continues to be casual and relaxed in many office environments, so casual dressers can easily veer toward the inappropriate once hot weather hits. So, in addition to number two, there are some very good pointers on this list, including a reminder that while open-toed sandals may be fine for the office, conventional flip-flops are not. Plus, they are not the best support for your commuting-to-work foot, anyway.

Basically, if you can picture yourself wearing what you're wearing to the office to the beach or on a bike ride Saturday morning, then perhaps it's time to take a closer look in the mirror before heading out the door. Some definitely-not items via CareerBuilder.com.

  • Sunglasses, indoors: "People can't tell if you're paying attention to them when your eyes are hidden behind dark lenses, and everyone will wonder if your pupils were just dilated."
  • Shorts. Don't do it.
  • Tank tops. While some sleeveless shirts may look professional (thank you, first lady Michelle Obama), many casual tank tops will show too much skin and look way too weekend. That goes for anything sheer, as well.
  • Shirts with funny sayings or telegraphing where you just returned from on your vacation.
Do you find yourself rethinking your footwear or wondering if casual Friday has become too-casual-everyday at your office?