Can You Get a Workout Doing Housework?

We all have busy schedules, and somewhere along the way, housework comes into play. There are ways to burn a little more calories and get 'more bang for your buck' so to speak while doing the job. It won't take the place of a normal fitness routine, but it's a little extra credit.

Do you have light ankle and wrist weight you can use? Great, but you don't need to run out and spend a bunch of money on some; they're not necessary, but they add resistance so that's why if you've got them handy, go ahead and use them.

As you clean, think of ways to include fitness elements in your task. For example if you're sorting laundry, tink about adding a squat or plie every time you toss an article of clothing into the wash pile. Or if you're cleaning baseboards to use your glutes in a squat position while you clean instead of kneeling. Just be sure to watch for things like foot placement and not putting too much stress on your knees.

Even if you're vacuuming, it's a good time to do runners lunges across the room while you push. For the upper body, maybe add a few kneeling push-ups off the side of the bathtub while your cleaning the bathroom. You can even do calf raises while you're washing dishes and dusting, or even static tightening of your glutes during just about everything.

Another thing to try is pumping up the music when you clean. Just an uptempo song you like will increase your heart rate. Just having that extra bounce in your step will make things much more fun, go faster, and burn a few extra calories. If you're bold enough you can even dance between jobs.

The idea behind it is to burn a few extra calories, and make it as natural a part of your routine as possible. It's not going to substitute a good cardio session, but it'll give you a good benefit in the long run. Just 200 extra calories burned by activity a day can lead to an extra 5lbs off in a year.

So give it a try. Sneak in some extra fitness moves while you're up and moving anyway, and reap some great benefits! A few extra calories burned and all of your housework gets done!