5 Television Characters I Would Want as Daughters

I have two absolutely wonderful sons and have never regretted not having any daughters. But, with March being Women's History Month, I was asked who I would choose as role models for a daughter if I did have one.

First, due to my obsession with pop culture, I decided to choose television characters as opposed to real people. Then, I thought it would be even more interesting to choose characters that even though they are make good role models, my choices and therefor my explanations are based on why I would be happy to have each of them as a daughter.

Here are the Top 5 Female TV Characters I Would Want as Daughters:

1. Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Sure there would be a lot of danger around what with Buffy always slaying vampires and demons, but she was always very protective of her mother. And while Buffy and her mother had many of the typical mother/teenage daughter spats, it was obvious that Buffy loved her mother. Although I would be worrying constantly, how could you not want a daughter who is constantly trying to save the world?

2. Rory Gilmore (The Gilmore Girls) - What pop culture loving mom wouldn't want Rory Gilmore as a daughter. I could easily have the same fast-paced pop culture filled conversations that Rory had with Lorelai. And although I don't consider myself, or probably anybody I know, as smart as Rory, I have the same love of learning, reading and education as she does. We would make a great team. And you couldn't get a daughter much sweeter than Rory.

3. Lindsay Weir (Freaks and Geeks) - Lindsay probably reminds me the most of myself out of anyone on this list. She would be a great daughter because I'd be able to completely understand her. She is a smart and caring person. Lindsay has the guts to question where she belongs and make new friends, yet never changes who she is inside.

4. Alexis Castle (Castle) - If you watch Castle, then you know there is no explanation needed. Alexis is the perfect daughter. She is smart and mature and it is probably unrealistic that any teen is this perfect, but she is so sweet, how could anyone not want her as a daughter. If Castle comes with the package, even better.

5. Brittany Pierce (Glee) - Yes, I do realize that she is somewhat simpleminded, to put it nicely, but she is the nicest, least selfish female character on Glee. And she probably just needs a mother that would love to help teach her. It would be a challenge, but a potentially very rewarding one.

What female television characters do you think would make great daughters?

Jennifer Wagner writes at Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology.

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