A Road Trip to Remember--The RAGBRAI

This summer I will be taking a road trip like no other. I will be participating in the RAGBRAI. What is the RAGBRAI? The RAGBRAI (The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) is an annual seven-day bike ride across the state of Iowa. It is the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world. And guess what, I'm doing it this year!

During the third week of July, you'll find me sweating in the sweltering heat and humidity of the Midwest, rockin' my bike shorts and pedaling 450 miles across America's Heartland.

Why would a California gal bike 50-70 miles each day for a week in Iowa? Well, my dad has been participating in this ride for the past 17 years! You read that correctly SEVENTEEN YEARS!! And every year he has asked my sister and me to join him. And as you may have guessed, every year we have said "no thanks."

But this year, my dad turned 70 years old and we felt it was high time we said "yes!" Our dad has been patient for too long. So for his birthday we not only threw him a surprise party but we also surprised him by announcing that we had signed up for the ride. I even convinced my husband to join us! And he is a California boy who can not tolerate the heat! My dad was totally shocked and I think he still does not believe that we are really going to join him.

Despite the fact that I have not trained as much as I should have, I am looking forward to experiencing all of the things I have heard about over the years like meeting fellow riders from all over the world, eating pork chops on a stick and rhubarb pie, and most of all having fun with my dad!

When Kristina isn't training for the RAGBRAI, you can find her blogging at Parent Grapevine and Moms Who Click.