Facebook to the Rescue: When You Can't Call 911

by Tina Case of Parentgrapevine

Every now and then I have a bout of insomnia. Things are swirling in my mind about work. So I lay in bed, and what do I do? I pull out the iPad on my nightstand and read. Or play a game. Or, as I did this morning, I see who's on Facebook at that crazy hour with me.

It turned out in the wee hours this morning I logged on to Facebook and the very first post I read was from a friend about 40 miles north of my house. Her post read: "If anyone is up, PLEASE call 911 for me! My phone isn't working and I think someone is in my house!!!

My first instinct was to wonder if this was a scam. You read about these folks that hack into your Facebook account and plea for you to send money. But this was different, it only asked whoever was reading her wall at this crazy hour to get help, NOW!

I tried to call her home number. The line was busy. So I called 911 on my cell phone which I keep on my nightstand and was connected to her county dispatch. In less than a minute while they still had me on the phone, they verified that this was real. My friend's phone lines were dead and it appeared that the appearance of the police may have thwarted the intruders.

What's scary on top of this is that she does have a home security system that failed. She hit the panic button but the police never arrived. It wasn't until I called 911 that help appeared on the scene.

A few neighbors did hear the commotion of her alarm blaring and also dialed 911. But it appears that my call was the first to come through. It just so happened I turned on my iPad within minutes of her plea for help.

My friend's husband, of course, was out of town. As you moms (and dads) know, why does it always seem to be that when the spouse is traveling all hell breaks loose at home? It never fails.

The moral of this story is, keep some sort of communication device next to your bed. Whether it is a cell phone, iPad or laptop it may be your only source for help. My friend's landlines were dead and her cell phone was out of reach, but luckily her laptop was next to her bed.

She used her wit about her because emailing someone on her contact list would have been too random. The impact of social media in a dire situation comes through. Who knew facebook security would have a whole new meaning?

Has Facebook ever come to your rescue?

When Tina isn't in a insomnia stupor, she is often found with her camera getting her photography business off the ground. You can follow along on Moms Who Click, where she and fellow business partner write about their business one click at a time.