Getting There via the Great White Way

Photo: Stock Xchng/up2uPhoto: Stock Xchng/up2uEveryone knows that SoCal living means lots of driving. We average over 12,000 miles a year in the car. If traffic alone drove us crazy, we'd never survive it. But if you happen to hear 3 female voices belting out "Defying Gravity" from Wicked on the 134, you are most likely near our trusty steed.

I'm so thrilled that my daughters have inherited my love of Broadway musicals. Because my car's a little older, I burn CDs using iTunes, and we have close to 100 of them within reach. An all-time favorite playlist for the 3 of us would have to include these songs (as well as the aforementioned Wicked anthem):

"96,000" from In the Heights: a perfect song for daydreaming about winning the lottery. $96,000 is a great amount because it's not quite enough to start a new life, but to have a great adventure. This song always gets all of us going.

"Turkey Lurkey" from Promises, Promises: This song is so silly, makes no sense whatsoever, but that's what makes it so much fun.

"I'm Alive" from Next to Normal: Neither of the girls have seen this musical yet, but all 3 of us love bopping our heads along with this one.

at least a couple of songs from Glee: Not technically a Broadway musical, no, but we have almost every song available for purchase. (And my budget is thankful for the season hiatus.)

The Finale from Ain't Misbehavin': Pure joy.

"Nothing" from A Chorus Line: My sister and I just recently took my 13-year-old to see this, and she's become another family member that names this among the best musicals of all time. Because it is.

"Your Fault" from Into the Woods: This song comes in handy to break up sibling rivalry. Just start singing it, and soon enough the family that sings together...well, stops fighting together.

"Company" from Company: We call our cat, Bobbie, by singing this song to her. The girls have been hearing this one since before they were born.

"Shipoopi" from The Music Man: The title alone is fun to sing!

I don't know how we'd ever survive a road trip, or even the daily commute, without our music. The girls might read, too, or we might turn the music off for a conversation, but if things get tense in any way, it's time to blast the Broadway and we're all content again in no time. The gas might get us there, but it's the music that drives us.

April McCaffery is a single mother to two daughters, 10 & 13, and her personal blog is It's All About Balance. She strives for balance in all aspects except for music. There, the show tunes win every time!