How My Ripple Turned $100 Into Nearly $1000 to Fight Hunger and Poverty in My Community

About a month ago I signed up to participate in Yahoo's "How Good Grows" Ripples of Kindness program and I received $100 to get me started. Since that check arrived I've gone through dozens of scenarios in my head. I considered paying for a stranger's groceries, buying books for my grandmother's former nursing home and loading up on toys to donate to a local children's hospital.

Then it dawned on me that I truly wanted to use the money to help people in need, so I was about to pack up the boys and head to Costco to purchase as much food as $100 could buy to donate to our local food bank, The Community Food Bank of New Jersey (full disclosure--I work for the public relations agency that represents the Food Bank). Before heading out the door I check the website to find the nearest drop-off location when I read this:

"For every dollar of our operating budget, the Community Food Bank of New Jersey is able to distribute $9.59 worth of food and groceries."

Wait just one minute--so my $100 donation would actually purchase nearly $1,000 worth of food? AND I don't have to go out in the cold and deal with the crowds at Costco 6 days before Christmas? Done and done!

With a few clicks of the mouse I donated the $100 given to me by Yahoo! to fight hunger and poverty in my community, and I hope you find yourself inspired to give as well.

For information about donating to your local food bank, visit and click on your home state.

Your turn!

This post originally appeared on Fits "N" Giggles.