How To Create a Kitchen Command Center

Earlier this year I had the sudden urge to get organized - specifically with our day to day household stuff. I was tired of my kitchen counters becoming a catch-all spot. I wanted a place for homework folders and supplies, all our scheduling mumbo jumbo, and the plethora of papers that kept taking up my counter space. I wanted a spot for phones to charge, mail to be placed, and calendars to reside. I wanted this space to be anywhere but my kitchen counters!!

Thus the kitchen command center was born! Here's how you can create your own kitchen command center!

Step One: Decided exactly where and how you want the space to function. My goal was to to take the hutch off the cabinet and use the wall space behind it for a large calendar, some wall files, and a dry erase/cork/magnetic board. I also wanted a charging station for all our electronic gadgets and storage for all the school stuff that comes in daily.

Step Two: Sort through any junk cluttering the area. Decide what to keep and what to purge! This is a time consuming step, but makes the process worth it in the end. Boy, did I have a ton of junk to sort!!

Step Three: Carefully decided what supplies you need for your command center and what supplies you already have on hand. I didn't have much of what I needed on hand so I made a detailed shopping list and headed out to shop!! I ended up purchasing a calendar, cloth bin, dry erase board, charging station, and wall files.

Step Four: Organize and set up your new space! This is by far the fun of any organization project - when you get to see it all come together with its shiny new parts and purpose!

Step Five: Enjoy and utilize your new space! We've had this new kitchen command center for about 6 months now. I can say with the utmost confidence that it is one of the best organization projects we've ever tackled. It works for the kids with their school supplies. Everything has a place. And, it has managed to stay rather organized even with 5 people using it every day!