I am one thankful mama this Thanksgiving

Being that Thanksgiving is this week I thought it would be appropriate to jot off a list of things I'm grateful for.

1) Kids and a dog who are potty trained. Really this I count as one of my greatest achievements as a mother- the fact that I got two kids ( and a dog)- to learn how to use the potty. No my dog doesn't actually sit on a toilet- but you get the gist! Having a diaper-free life - where I don't have to worry about forgetting to take one with me- and thus need to resort to using a makeshift paper towel one instead on a toddler who has just majorly pooped his pants - well it's just plain liberating.

2) Coffee. Really need I say more-it is the sweet nectar of the gods and the spring in my step- the reason I manage to drag myself out of bed every morning at the crack of 6am, to make PB&J sandwiches for my kids- and smile sweetly at them, when they spill their chocolate milk all over their uniforms, as their carpool ride honks at our front door.

3) Nutella. Apparently it is now considered almost as healthy a spread as peanut butter, being that it's mostly comprised of hazelnuts. Truly a spoonful a day 9 Okay sometime a few a day)- is akin to that peppermint patty feeling of being taken away to a small café in Brussels, as I spread it on a biscotti (well at least in my head).

4) SpongeBob Square Pants. Finally a cartoon that I can sit through more than five minutes of, without quietly trying to slip out of the room without my kids realizing. SpongeBob's earnest goodness truly makes me want to be a better person and rid myself of my cynicism. It might just be the best sitcom on television.

5) And of course Thanksgiving. A holiday that sanctions eating yourself silly with no one passing any judgment on you-rather people continually asking if you'd like them to heap another serving of marshmallow candied yams on your plate. I mean really what can possibly be better than that

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