Quotes of Encouragement for Dealing with Cancer

As most of you are probably already aware of, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although nobody close to me has ever had breast cancer, I lost my mother to cancer eight years ago. Seeing somebody you love suffering through the final stages of cancer is a nightmare that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

The reason for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is remind women to take care of themselves, do home breast checks and go for regular screenings. That is extremely important. But I also want to share some uplifting quotes from people who have dealt with cancer:

Cancer got me over unimportant fears, like getting old.
Olivia Newton-John

Cancer victims who don't accept their fate, who don't learn to live with it, will only destroy what little time they have left.
Ingrid Bergman

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.
John Diamond

Yes....Gilda Radner...said this in her book. What cancer does is, it forces you to focus, to prioritize, and you learn what's important. I mean, I don't sweat the small stuff. I used to get angry at cab drivers. It's not worth it...And when somebody says you have cancer, you realize it's all small stuff. And what Gilda said is, if it weren't for the downside, everyone would want to have it.
Joel Siegel

Getting cancer can become the beginning of living. The search for one's own being, the discovery of the life one needs to live, can be one of the strongest weapons against disease.
Lawrence Leshan

So if there is a purpose to the suffering that is cancer, I think it must be this: it’s meant to improve us.
Lance Armstrong

To learn more about breast cancer or to take the Pink Ribbon Challenge, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation website. You can also go to OMG! to see a slideshow of celebrity breast cancer survivors.

Jennifer Wagner blogs at Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology.